Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is an active collaborative relationship between you and I. The focus of our work is to help you lead a happier, healthier, and more productive life. The process can remove the obstacles for growth and empower you to make choices reflective of the future you hope to have. The safety of the relationship helps you and I do the necessary work so you can feel better. 

By exploring how the past influences your present and future self we begin to uncover what makes you, you. This deeper understanding of what motivates your inner world can free you to make changes in service of your authentic self. The office is a safe space for you and I to explore the possibilities of what can be for you. We empathically explore the meaning of the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings leading you to feel stuck. This deeper understanding within the context of a meaningful relationship can provide deep healing. 

Couples PSYCHOTherapy

Couples therapy is a space for you and your partner to rebuild and repair the relationship. The focus of the work is to find ways of communicating that leave both you feeling heard and understood.

I play an active role in helping the two of you turn towards one another. The ways of communicating in the office allow couples to reconnect with the love and affection you have for one another and strengthen the relationship. The work can help you and your partner cultivate a renewed sense of admiration and friendship by learning new ways to support the growth of your relationship.